Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference the Wilde Pedicure and the Wellness Pedicure?

 The Wilde Pedicure focuses on removing some of the dead skins from your toes and making it look beautiful. The Wellness Pedicure is much different in its approach. As a Certified Master Pedicurist, we combine our advanced education of specialized foot and nail care to provide you clean and healthy toenails. It is used to address problems in the feet such as cracked heels, fungus, nail discoloration, ingrown nails etc. Often referred to as a medical pedicure, the Wellness Pedicure is  often recommended for athletes, diabetic patients, dancers, doctors, and nurses etc. 

What are the health benefits of pedicures?

 In addition to stress reduction, regular pedicure treatments can help prevent excessively dry skin on the feet. Cracked dry skin is subject to infection. Good moisturizing and regular attention to areas of stress on the feet can help prevent calluses. 

How often should I get a pedicure?

 It’s a good idea to get a pedicure every couple of weeks; however, if you are unable to do this, you should strive to get a professional pedicure at least once a month.  

Do men get pedicures?

Yes of course they do! Although many men may believe that pedicures are unnecessary and frivolous, the fact is there are many good reasons why men should take care of their feet. 

Having a pedicure helps improve the health of your feet and your body over all. A thorough pedicure helps get rid of dirt under the toenails and exfoliates dead skin which can cause serious problems. Among these problems are offensive foot odour, cracked and dry skin and fungal infections.

Additionally, having nails regularly trimmed and shaped prevents the very painful problem of ingrown toenails. Having a pedicure can help a man look his best from head to toe because of the actual active treatment and because of the overall stress reducing properties a good pedicure provides.

Can I get a pedicure while pregnant?

 It is safe to polish your toenails and your fingernails when you are pregnant. Be sure to only do so in well ventilated areas. A full pedicure can be very beneficial to you during pregnancy because it helps reduce stress and improves circulation in the feet and lower legs. 

What is a shellac pedicure?

 You may sometimes hear shellac pedicures referred to as gel pedicure. These terms indicate the type of nail polish that is used. A lasting nail polish that is cured using a UV lamp can be called a shellac polish or a gel polish. 

Is it okay to shave my legs before I get a pedicure?

 It is best not to shave your legs right before a pedicure. The scrubs used can cause an irritation and sometimes burn. When we shave we microscopy cut ourselves so if you are at a salon that you aren’t 100% sure about the way they clean the pedicure tub you could be introducing bacteria into your system. It is best that you shave AFTER you pedicure. We don’t mind hairy legs, I promise, plus after your pedicure, you will get a closer shave. But if you insist on shaving before, do it at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

Why don't you remove the entire callus during a pedicure?

 Calluses are there for a reason! You never want to “remove” calluses from your feet completely. Instead, gently bring it down with a pedicure file. Since calluses are our skin’s protective mechanism, once the calluses are removed, the skin will go into “shock” and build that callus back up as fast as it can to protect that area. So “removing” callus is a VERY temporary solution, which could result in sore feet and even worse callus growth following your pedicure. 

Why don't we use a razor blade when doing a pedicure?

Have you ever been shaving your legs with a razor and accidentally cut your skin and started bleeding? Often times you don’t even know how it happened. Well, the same can happen when someone is using a blade on your feet. Razor blades are not meant for your skin and can too easily cut too deep, leaving you with more than you bargained for.